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PIF Glumax is designed to improve the quality of feed pellets which use molasses. Even with less use of molasses, PIF Glumax improves palatability as well as productivity. Moreover, all ingredients in PIF Glumax are GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). PIF Glumax is a safe and trusted application for livestock as well as human feed.

Masks bitterness from molasses
Consistent palatability and increased feed intake
Improves appearance of feed pellets
Prevents feed-blocking in winter
More than 60กษ Less than 50กษ
Dark and crude Lighter colored and glossy
Bitter taste Sweet taste
Pellet adheres to the hand and lumps a lot Pellets adhere less and lumps infrequently
Not easy to use once opened because of lumping and hardening Easier to separate lumping hardening pellets