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PIF lacotzyme is launched product from Samjo Life Science recently. This product contains probiotics which drives from plant origin, improves intestinal colony in livestocks and increases digestion efficiently as well as enzymes which digest NSP and increase higher feed utilizability. It is special feed additive for farms to enhance productivity by non-probiotics method.

Proliferate fast inside a living body
Acid resistance
Active in low temperature(15~25í╔) and sodium chloride(NaCl 3~6%)
High purity(Proper in food additive standard)
Bacteriocin formation

Over pH 4, survived 100%
Between pH 2 and pH 4, survived more than 70%

Higher inhibition rate for S.typhimurium and E. coli

Poultry and swine are monogastric livestocks and not easy to digest or absorb sufficient nutrients form feed which contains lots of NSP. NSP combines various nutrient contents, causes diarrhea and decrease feed utilizability. General feed such as corn, rice bran and SBM have NSP and monogastric animals doní»t have enzymes to digest properly. Enzymes in PIF Lactozyme resolve NSP and help digetstion as well as absorption.