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Chelation is the suspension of a mineral between two or more amino acids. A chelated mineral is a mineral such as chromium, copper, zinc, manganese, cobalt or iron (there are others) that is bonded to "small proteins", peptides or amino acids.

Chelated minerals are organic trace minerals designed to enhance mineral absorption and improve bioavailability. Common inorganic forms of trace minerals may interact with other feed ingredients such as lipids, proteins, fiber or other minerals, inhibiting absorption. When minerals are bound to chelating agents such as amino acids and hydrolyzed proteins they become more stable and are much less reactive in the digestive tract. In fact, chelation is a naturally occurring process in the living body for transporting minerals across the intestinal wall during digestion.

Samjo Life Science has been producing a wide variety of chelated minerals especially chromium picolinate with cutting-edge technology and has been making progress every year.

  Appearance : Light purple powder
  Chromium content : 10.47%

Function of Chromium

Enhances glucose uptake and catabolism in tissues
Controls lipogenic and lipolytic activity in tissues
Involved with protein synthesis and nucleic acid metabolism
Reduces total cholesterol
Promotes certain aspects of immune defenses
Activates enzymes concerned in energy metabolism
  Appearance : White powder
  Zinc content : 18.07%

Function of Zinc

Essential element for various enzymes related to digestion and respiration in animals
Coenzyme related to carboxylation working on energy metabolism

  Appearance : Light sky-blue powder
  Copper contents : 17.65%

Function of Copper

Related in mature of collagen and normalization of osteoblast
Plays an important role in reproduction
Related in lipid metabolism
Plays an important role in reproduction
Helps absorption of Fe in intestines

  Appearance : Light apricot powder
  Chromium content : 16.58%

Function of Cobalt

Essential component in formation of red blood cell
Element of Vitamin B12
Makes blood in the marrow
Helps absorption and digestive metabolism of volatile fatty acid, Propionate