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For rapid growth in a short period, it is necessary to supply minerals as well as feed with high calories and sufficient nutrients. PIF Beef includes chelated minerals, biotin, and Rhizopus which enable beef cattle to absorb and use nutrients properly. PIF Beef is cost effective and results in better carcass quality and higher production performance.

Enhances fertility rate
Improves reproductive performance
Reduces sole ulcer / heel warts / claw lesion
Carbohydrate metabolism protein synthesis
Reduces heat stress effects
Maximizes insulin function
Helps growth and cell division
Involved in the various metabolism of livestocks
Helps proper bone formation & maintenance
Essential for lipid and carbohydrate metabolism
Normal functioning of the reproductive system
Activates many enzymes and vitamins
Maintains healthy hooves/hair and cures damaged hooves
Increases feed efficiency by enhancing energy metabolism
Decreases stress
Increases absorption rate in rumen
Better quality of carcass
IAverage daily gain and feed efficiency increased more than 25% due to supplemental chromium in steer calves following the stress of transit via shipping (Chang and Mowat, 1992)