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Chromium is an essential trace mineral. Especially organic chromium known as GTF(Glucose Tolerance Factor) enhances the effects of insulin and insures its efficient use. Chromium picolinate is organic chromium and chemical compound combined with picolinate. Picolinate is a amino acid which is produced naturally in the body and helps other mineral absorption such as Zn, Cu and Fe in body.

In Korea, Samjo Life Science Co., Ltd first succeeded the synthesis of chromium picolinate(patent No. 184380) in close collaboration with KIST(Korea Institute of Science and Technology) and has been supplying chormium picolinate to overseas market as well as domestic market.

Chromium picolinate has been used as feed additives in Korea while it is used as a dietary supplements food in Europe and the States etc. Chromium picolinate benefits are believed to include insulin metabolism, help treat for diabetes and increase muscle mass, weight loss.

Synthetic method of chromium picolinate (patent No.184380)
Feed additive composition including chromium picolinate(+3) and its manufacturing method
(patent No. 0239682)
Livestock feed additive composition including chromium picolinate by using liquid oil
(patent No. 0408165)
Associated study list
1993 - 1994 : Committed associated study with Seoul National University Animal Husbandry Technology Institute
“The effects of chromium picolinate in swine and broiler”
1999 - 2000 : Committed associated study with Seoul National University Animal Husbandry Technology Institute
“Development of innovative growth system for fattening Holstein calves”
1999 - 2000 : Committed associated study with Kyunghee University
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1999 - 2000 : Committed associated study with Hanyang University
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2000          : Committed associated study with China Beijing agricultural university
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2001 - 2002 : Collavoration with Professor Um, Ae-sun in Hanyang university
“Chromium picolinate & obesiy ”
Activate enzymes regarding metabolism
Decrease cholesterol
Increase lean meat
Decrease back fat
Better carcass grade and litter performance
1. Decrease of back fat thickness

2. Increase of lean body mass
  Added Cr. (ppb)
0 200 600 1,000
Total born 10.34 11.13 11.76 11.11
Live born 9.49 9.82 10.94 10.07
Weaned 8.42 8.61 9.06 8.91

According to the newest report, 600ppb Cr content shows better litter performance