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As a type of the vitamin B complex, biotin is also known as vitamin H or coenzyme R. It can be synthesized by microorganisms in the rumen, or in the colon of monogastric animals, but is now found that biotin is an essential coenzyme in several enzymatic systems, where it serves as a catalyst for the transfer of carbon dioxide from one substrate to another. Although most feed ingredients contain biotin, the biologically available portion is often insufficient to meet the requirement without supplementation.

In many species the first visible signs of biotin deficiency appear in the epidermal tissues. In poultry, poor feathering, foot lesions, leg weakness and deformity. In growing pigs, both growth rate and food utilization are adversely affected. In breeding sows, a deficiency of biotin can adversely influence reproductive performance and there is some evidence that biotin deficiency may induce hoof cracks and sole erosion in ruminants.

Chick 100-200 Dairy cow 50-100
Layer 100-150 Beef cattle 50
Breeder 200-400 Trout, salmon 800-1000
Broiler 150-250 Carp 500-1000
Sow breeder 300-500 Eels 300-500
Grower/Finisher 100-250 Race horse 200
D-Biotin pure
  D-Biotin content : 98.5-99.9%
D-Biotin 2%
  D-Biotin content : 1.90-2.10% Carrier : Corn starch